About Us


Brighton & Hove Muslim Forum is a non profit organisation hoping to serve the religious, social, and cultural needs of the Brighton & Hove Muslim Community. Our primary aim is to provide support and weekend activities for Muslim children and to work and assist with projects for Muslim women.

Many problems today are caused by ignorance and we hope to do our part to enrich others with knowledge about topics that are provoking and challenging for all of us to think about.

There are Muslims in many countries around the world, including Indonesia, China, India, Iran, Tanzania and Egypt just to name a few, each having its own unique cuisine, dress, music, art, language and way of life. Islamic and Muslim culture is both rich and diverse and we hope to share and celebrate these qualities with other people.


This exciting forum which is made up of community representatives, the mosques and the Brighton & Sussex University Islamic Societies and the Sussex Muslim Women’s group, is insha’allah going to be the way forward for the Muslim community in Brighton & Hove.

This unity coalition of Muslims in Brighton & Hove will grow to be a leader in enhancing and enriching the lives of others and we will continue to contribute to our communities and concentrate on developing the good work many of our Muslim citizens do in our city everyday.


BHMF was established in January 2004, after a conference in Brighton hosted by The University of Sussex Islamic Society. This historic event formed the first ever committee which later became known as the Brighton and Hove Muslim Forum. The committee which now consists of 13 voluntary members, from the three mosques in Brighton & Hove, Sussex Muslim Women’s Group and the Islamic Society of Brighton and Sussex University.

Current Status

We currently do not have any premises and are in search of one, we hope to attract Members to work with the forum to run community and educational activities for the Muslim Community. Some of our current activities are as follows:

  • Community based activities
  • Weekend club for Muslim children
  • Monthly based seminars

Community Outreach

BHMF acts as a liaison for the mosques in order to address concerns of the diverse Muslim community. Integral to this role is BHMF mission to educate others about the Islamic faith. Such efforts have included:

  • Talks addressing perceptions of Islam.
  • Coordinating with Sussex faith forum, BBC Southern Counties Radio Roots Project, The Racial Harassment Forum, Lewes Prison, Sussex Action for Peace, academics, scholars and activists.
  • Inviting members of Brighton & Hove community to BHMF events

The BHMF and You!

BHMF is not just a forum for Muslims who attend the local mosques, it is open to any Muslim or non Muslim who wishes to take forward the aims of the forum. We are always keen to cooperate and hold joint events with other groups & societies. Some Activities in the past have included inter-faith dialogue and seminars.

As a new forum we are still in the process of strengthening the forums foundations and are always looking for vibrant volunteers from the Muslim community to get on board. We value the diversity of the community and seek to contribute to it. Please contact us if you are interested in our events, educational programs.