Alhumdulillah – Wonderful Success

All praise is for Allah from who’s mercy the Islam Daawah Fest ’09 Brighton event became a wonderful success.

With over 11,000 people attending and this included children of all ages, Islam Daawah Fest ’09 became the most successful event the Muslim community of Brighton and Hove has held supported by the BHMF.

The BHMF owes a BIG thanks to our vice chair, Sabri ben Ameur who worked tireless with Imam Mohammed of Al-Medina mosque on this event. They travelled up and down the south east coast over many weeks, engaging with the local Imams, Mosques and the local people.

The BHMF wishes to thank Eihab Salah, Omar Ali, Brighton and Hove Muslims group and all the volunteers for their dedication and hard work.

The BHMF also wishes to thank Kadeer Arif and Daoud Clarke, our founder members who also worked very hard to make Islam Daawah Fest ’09 will be the event people will talk about for many years.

A BIG thank you to iERA and their volunteers from the Muslim community of Brighton and Hove. iERA worked day and night to make sure the Muslims in the UK saw and heard the wonderful scholars, some of whom were seen for the first time live on UK TV.

One of the highlights of the event was when a gentleman took the Shahada and became a Muslim.

The whole of the Brighton event was broadcast Live on Iqra TV and for the first time Hundreds of thousands of people saw what Brighton is all about.