Weʼre raising £2,500 to Support Brighton & Hove Muslim Forum’s Muslim Engagement Project

Brighton & Hove Muslim Forum was founded in 2004, with the goal of working with our three active Mosques and Community Organisations to tackle some of the many serious issues facing the Muslim Community in Brighton & Hove.

Inspired by the Islamic teachings of empathy and selflessness, for over 19-years BHMF continues to strive to support and serve our community by supporting the vulnerable, providing advice, empowering community engagement with Mosques, interfaith projects, organising community events and much much more. Our aim is to make an impact and a difference to bring about effective change!

During the start of the blessed month of Ramadan, BHMF hosted the first ever Iftar dinner for Brighton & Hove City Council Social Workers and Foster Carers. The aim was to create a strong partnership to help the many Muslim children in care, some of these children have no way of connecting with the Muslim Community. BHMF has carried out the same for children who have come to this country seeking asylum.

Brighton & Hove has a large and increasingly diverse Muslim population. We are raising funds to continue our work to tackle Islamophobia and Hate via our new Muslim engagement project. The project will create digital and non-digital content to engage with our non-Muslim community in Brighton & Hove, to promote accurate facts about Islam and to challenge some of the myths InshaaAllah.

Every donation will help us in reaching our goal and we require your support to allow BHMF to continue to make an impact in our city.