BHMF Cancels Annual Silver Service Christmas Dinner to Support Palestinians

Brighton & Hove Muslim Forum (BHMF) announces the cancellation of its traditional Silver Service Christmas dinner for the homeless, held annually at A Taste of Sahara restaurant. Instead, the funds initially allocated for the dinner will be redirected to aid Palestinians facing severe hardship this Christmas. BHMF remains committed to supporting local soup kitchens through food donations and volunteer services throughout the festive period.

The Chair of BHMF expressed, “People are distressed by the ongoing ethnic cleansing in Palestine, supported by the UK, US and Israeli Governments. This is not a time for celebration but a call to action to work towards a ceasefire. In Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus (Peace & blessings be upon him), where Christmas has been unprecedentedly cancelled, we must reflect on the true meaning of our celebrations. While we rejoice, children and families in the Holy Land are being killed by IDF snipers and Israeli bombs. We must halt this barbaric ethnic cleansing and persist in calling for a ceasefire now.”

Echoing Pope Francis’ sentiments, “For the inhabitants of the Holy Land, a Christmas of pain and mourning looms. We do not want to leave them alone. May we stand by them in prayer and tangible aid.”

This Christmas calls for reflection on the nature of our celebrations and a reminder of the urgent need for honesty and integrity from our local and national political leaders, to endorse a ceasefire now, rather than endorsing this continuous killing and the massacre of innocent people in Gaza. BHMF supports the United Nations’ call to condemn violence and seek a peaceful resolution.

For further information, please contact:
Sabri Ben Ameur (Vice Chair, BHMF)
Tel: 07867773723
Email: info@bhmf.org.uk