Eid al-Adha 2022 Mubarak

Eid al-Adha Mubarak to all our brothers and sisters!

Eid prayers will inshAllah take place in Preston Park, Brighton on Saturday, 9th of July at 9.30am.

Children and Adults, everyone’s invited.

Venue: Preston Rd, Brighton BN1 6SD

Getting there

Preston Park can be reached from Preston Road, Preston Drove and Preston Park Avenue.


The 5 and 5A buses run between Hangleton and Patcham and go straight past the park every few minutes during the day.

Further information and timetables available from the Brighton & Hove Bus company.


There are cycle lanes leading to the park from the city centre and various places to secure your bicycle to around the park. Download your city cycling map here.

For more information on cycling around the city check the Journey On site.


There are parking areas at the north and south of the park, accessible from Preston Drove or the junction between Preston Road and Preston Park Avenue.

Parking restrictions are enforced between the hours of 9am and 4pm on weekdays and between 2pm and 6pm on weekends.The pay and display costs are:

  • up to 1 hour – £1
  • up to 2 hours – £1.50
  • up to 4 hours – £2.50
  • up to 6 hours – £5