Eid Prayer Times – 2021

Eid inshAllah will be on Thursday, 13th of May 2021.

Here are the prayer times of Al-Medinah Mosque:

  • First prayer: 8:30am
  • Second prayer: 9:30am
  • Third prayer: 10:30am

Please note the following for Al-Medinah Mosque:

  • Please bring your own prayer mats, face masks and shoe bags.
  • Sisters area has been reserved for registered sisters only. Unfortunately all registered spaces are full. Please do NOT turn up on the day if you have not registered as you may be turned away.
  • Please arrive on time for prayer.
  • Please park safely.
  • Please disperse immediately after the prayer and do not congregate outside the Mosque.

May Allah accept our worship during this month and allow us to finish this month with our sins forgiven. Aamin.