MAB calls on International community to end Israeli aggression

On 30th June, the bodies of the three Israeli teenagers who were missing for over two weeks were found killed and their bodies dumped in a pit.

Yesterday, the body of Mohammed Abu Khudair – a Palestinian teen – was also found dead in Jerusalem, having been kidnapped and burnt at the stake.

The Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) condemns the killing of all civilians, by all parties.

The kidnapping of the three Israeli teens sparked unwarranted abuse of power by the Israelis who immediately detained over 600 Palestinians, killed nine more, and demolished the houses of a further two. All this happened without any evidence, trial or conviction.

At the same time, while the kidnappings took place in Hebron, Gaza continues to be under siege from the Israeli authorities and faces a new episode of aggression.

MAB believes that the ongoing crisis will not be resolved if the international community does not stand up and take a firm stance in implementing justice against Israel’s repeated violation of Palestinian rights; and enforcing its resolutions against the illegal Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories and the settlements conflicting with international law in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

The Muslims Association of Britain calls on:

  • The International Community to condemn the criminal use of force by the Israeli Government whilst trying to bring the perpetrators of the first kidnapping to justice.
  • The British Government to exercise impartiality in its dealing with this Middle East Crisis.
  • The international Community to demonstrate fair and just stances when dealing with acts of criminality.
  • The Human Rights’ organisations to raise the veil off the recurrent abuse and violations by the Israelis.
  • The media outlets to act responsibly and impartially in the reporting of the news, and to avoid taking sides in this ongoing conflict.

Finally, MAB questions what Tony Blair, the current ‘Middle East Envoy’ has achieved in his tenure. It is clear – from the recent Middle East crises – that he has failed in his mission, and it is time for him to be sacked and replaced with someone more competent.