Discover Islam Week – 22nd to 26th Feb

Discover Islam - 22 Feb to 26 Feb 2010

Next week, University of Sussex Islamic Society is organising Discover Islam Week (Islamic Awareness Week).

Monday 22nd February 2010:
12pm – Mosque open day – A chance to visit the mosque, pick up some freebies and ask some questions (Falmer House Mosque)
6pm – Adam Deen – ‘Can we lead better lives with or without God?’ (Arts A5)

Tuesday 23rd February 2010:

12pm – Islamic Food Day – A chance to get together and enjoy food from across the muslim world (Falmer House Common Room)
6pm – Dr Subhi Al-Azzawi – ‘Islam, Science and Technology’ – The Quran contains many scientific miracles, many only recently discovered (Arts A5)

Wednesday 24th February 2010:
12pm – Hijabi for the Day! – Come and join muslim girls and ladies for the afternoon, find out what they wear and why. A chance to try the headscarf and understand it a bit better (Falmer House Common Room)
6pm – Waad Burghli – ‘Women in Islam’ – Are Women really oppressed, are they really forced to dress like that, what is the truth? (Arts A5)

Thursday 25th February 2010:
12pm – Imam Muhammad – ‘3 Men One Mission: Moses, Jesus and Muhammad’ – 3 Men who all spoke about One God, what the relationship, is there a true correlation? (ArtsA103)
6pm – Arzu Merali and Muhammad Umar – ‘Islam and Terrorism’ – What does Islam really say about terrorism? (Arts A5)

Friday 26th February 2010:
6pm – Nasheed, Meet and Eat! – Muslim Belal, Abduallah Rolle, Imam Muhammad – A short talk, some rap and nasheeds not to mention to lovely middle-eastern food all for free! (Meeting House)

Lots of freebies (books, pens, cds, dvds, keychains) and free food (doughnuts, pizza and lots of food from across the islamic world) included!

For any more information or questions please contact Omar Ali (USSU ISOC President) at oa46@sussex.ac.uk or call him on 07590073336.